What is a Shaman?

A shaman deliberately alters their consciousness in order to obtain information from the 'spirit world.' They act as a bridge between the shamanic indigenous world and the modern world, borrowing the medicine and wisdom of these people to bring healing and balance to members of their community, or even their community as a whole.

What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic healing is a spiritual and medical practice based upon the belief that all healing includes a spiritual dimension. A shamanic practitioner is trained to recognize that all illnesses have a spiritual component and that everything is connected–the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental. Therefore, if one of these systems is out of balance the disharmony can be felt within the entire energetic field or web. The goal of a healing is to create balance within this web and create harmony where the spirit is suffering. A shamanic practitioner steps into the unseen world and locates the cause of the disconnection from Spirit. *

* Definition from The Center for Shamanic Education

What will your session involve?

A typical personal session may include, but is not limited to:
- balancing and removing any negative energy from chakras
- searching for and removing crystallized energies from the energy field
- soul retrieval (returning lost soul pieces due to trauma)
- soul contracts (breaking contracts that are no longer serving)
- checking client for entities and removing entities

Each session is specific to what the client needs at that time.
Tools that may be used during a typical session:
oracle cards
sound healing

Sessions can be in person or Remote

Duration - 1 hour
Cost - $100

Other Shamanic Services

Despacho Ceremonies:

A despacho is a prayer bundle that can be made for many different occasions/life events such as baby showers, bridal showers, anniversary parties, new beginnings, etc.

The despacho contains different herbs and items to amplify the intentions of the client.

After the creation of the despacho, it is offered in a fire ceremony.

Duration - 1 1/2 hrs
cost - $125 plus supplies and travel

call to discuss details

Home & Small Business Clearing & Blessing:

This removes negative and stale energies from your house. It is a great service if you have lived in your home for a while to give your home a refreshed feeling. This is a very good practice if you are moving into a new home since it will clear any lingering energy from former tenants or workers. Also a great practice when selling your home, giving your home an inviting and refreshing feeling.

An important service to remove stale and negative energies that have gathered in your business space. This gives your business a refreshed, inviting feel for your customers.

Duration - variable
cost - $125 plus supplies and travel

call to discuss details