Chakra Workshops

For the months of February and March, we will be learning about the 7 main chakras.
You will learn what they are and how they impact your life.

2/05 Intro to Chakras
2/12 Getting to know your Root chakra
2/19 Embracing your Sacral chakra
2/26 Harness the power of your Solar Plexus chakra
3/5 Open up to your Heart chakra
3/12 Speaking your truth with your Throat chakra
3/19 Seeing the possibilities with your Third Eye chakra
3/26 Unlocking the power of your Crown chakra

Becoming Present Workshop

Usually, in our day to day life we are worrying about a future event or questioning something that has already happened in our past. We are not in the present moment. In this beautiful ceremony, you will awaken your connection to the peace of the present moment.

Cleanse Your Space

This is a wonderful workshop for anyone that desires their living or business space to hold wonderful energy that enhances the quality of their lives. It is fantastic for people that are purchasing or moving into a new home or small business owners. Resulting in a space where you are free to manifest your life of purpose, joy and abundance.

Check back often for more workshops!!

I look forward to seeing you at these wonderful workshops